Trot, trot to Boston…

Kirsten and I headed up to Boston to get my first post-transplant check up at Dana Farber. We departed with plenty of time to spare, but In true “it’s always something” fashion there was an oil tanker that rolled over and caught on fire on I-91, which delayed us 45 minutes. It all worked out in the end as once we got there I pretty much sped from blood draw to visit faster than I ever have and we missed most of the traffic coming home.

The news once there was all good. There was of course the repeated refrain of “You look really good.” which is almost silly at this point, but better than the alternative. My CBC counts all look good. Platelets are steady, hemoglobin is in the normal range and my WBC continues to inch up. She actually said I had good bone marrow – which made Kirsten laugh, because you know, my cancer is in my bone marrow!

So at the end of July many of my restrictions will be lifted.I will be able to:

  • go to other people’s houses
  • go to restaurants and other public places (when they are not busy/crowded)
  • all of the food restrictions will be lifted except for sushi, soft-serve ice cream and salad bars

As of right now:

  • I am released to drive if I feel up to it, only short distances, and during daylight
  • I can have take-out cheese pizza (my Mom is bringing me one from Modern Pizza tonight!)
  • I can have a glass of wine (but I still have no taste for it at this point)
  • Some of the strict cleaning details have been eased
  • Only one more week of that disgusting mepron!

My primary instructions are to stay away from sick people and go home and continue to recover. My daily walks are up to 35-45 minutes and are including some decent size hills. I am up to 20 squats and I am getting ready to throw in some more of my other exercises.

The problem comes with the more I do, not only does it make me tired but it makes me more nauseous, so I am walking a fine line. I get tired from simply being upright for too long (just sitting). Yet I can do things like cook as long as I take breaks. Speaking of breaks, I can finally shower, get dressed and put on my eye make-up without resting in between! Big step!

Things continue to taste weird/bad and my tongue still feels yucky.

I will haveweekly blood checks this month at Smilow, then every other week in August and back to Dana Farber on September 3rd. Things still to be decided are if and what a consolidation treatment might be for me (possibly the RVD, revlimid, dexamethasone and velcade I started with back in January) and what my maintenance therapy might be (just revlimid?).

I am cleared to go to the wedding on August 15th in NYC and my vacation in Hampton Bays the first week in August. It is always inspirational to have things to look forward to!

P.S. Shout out to my friend Donna who weeded my front garden – woot woot!