Dreams & Wishes

Disclosure: This post is probably not what you thought it was going to be.

Two things this week have tickled my funny bone.

A few weeks ago I went to the ophthalmologist, and although my distance vision is not perfect, I don’t need glasses if I don’t want them. (I had them a few years ago and found them more annoying then anything else and then I dove into the ocean with the prescription sunglasses on and misplaced the regular pair visiting friends in Orlando.) A couple of nights ago, close to morning I had a dream that someone came to my door and rang the bell. It was a tall, young, fairly good looking man (why I include this fact, I’m not sure, but it’s true) with glasses standing on my front porch. He was an eye doctor, apparently he was tracking me down so I would get glasses. His name was Dr. Seagoode.

Get it?  So apparently I am becoming Henny Youngman in my dreams! I dreamt the spelling and everything and then I woke up. I thought it was hysterical and laughed right away.  Still makes me laugh.  Dr. Seagoode…

The other thing is that Scot has taken to randomly rubbing my bald head to make a wish. This too makes me laugh every time.

He also thinks I should go out some time without any head covering, that I look beautiful. I did take my hat off today when we were sitting by the shore and on a dock, hoping to get some sun on my very white scalp. When we were on the dock there was a boat below us filled with people. And on the boat was a woman with a bald head (hers was evenly tanned, same as her face). A few minutes after I took off my hat I saw her frantically waving at my and smiling at me.  I waved and smiled back. Sisters in arms.